ZEBRA Design Symposium 2013

ZEBRA Design Symposium 2013
“We are engaging minds to prepare for the future of design”

PIECE Studio

About this project

PIECE Studio created the promotional poster and developed the theme and structure for a World Design On-Line Symposium called ZEBRA. The symposium embraced socioeconomic, cultural, environmental and political topics from the design perspective.

PIECE Studio identified international experts to explore issues and give context about design and community engagement in design education and design practice.

In this inaugural PIECE Studio ZEBRA Symposium intended to engage with leaders to discuss important issues facing design.


Russell Kerr, Communication Design Educator, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Eric Benson, Co-Founder Fresh Press Paper

Megan Trichter, Peoples Liberty


Bernard J Canniffe

Footnote: ZEBRA is based on the book, Ice Station Zebra written by Alister Maclean in 1963