PROJECT M Exhibition

About this project

Exhibition held at BI Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota to promote the PROJECT M outcome from the Summer 2010. PROJECT M participants and advisors spent fourteen days in the Whittier Community and produced WELCOME HOME mats. A U HAUL rental van was covered with cardboard and the WELCOME HOME identity was applied on it. The interior contained a sofa, chair, table, rug, lamps, balloons and WELCOME HOME mats. The drove throughout the city and stopped at various locations and placed a living room on the streets and distributed WELCOME HOME mats and asked for a donation to assist a local homeless shelter.

The diadactic system of panels contained typographic and photographic information that documented the entire process and experience. There was also a series of interactive pieces that connected PROJECT M to other organizations with similar missions and there were several video installations that documented the process.

The installation was produced by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Facilities Department.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
 Facilities Department
Lars Mason, Director

 Lauren Thorson