Policy and a Pint Symposium: 89.3 the Current and Community Workshop 2011

About this project

PIECE Studio was invited to take part in the Policy and a Pint symposium series sponsored by the Minneapolis Radio Station, 89.3 The Current 

The event was held at the Varsity Theatre on November 14, 2011.

When you hear the word “design,” you might think of iPods or I.M. Pei: artfully-conceived objects, be it architecture, gadgets, automobiles, or clothing. In this edition of Policy and a Pint from Monday night, our panel discussed the potential human impact that design and aesthetics can make.

Speakers included Bill Thorburn, CEO and Chief Design Officer at The Thorburn Group; Bernard Canniffe, Professor and Chair of Design, MCAD and Co-Founder of PIECE Studio; and Tom Fisher, Professor of Architecture and Dean of the College of Design University of Minnesota.