ISM’S: Posters ELECTION 2020

“Future Ages Will Wonder At Us. The Present Age Wonders At Us Now.” Pericles

About this project

PIECE Studio‘s response to the 2020 US Election, where the differences between both candidates cannot be so clear and the consequences are so serious.

The United States are not united and we are witnessing a country that is being torn apart and is moving further to the right and embracing Fascist ideology and beliefs.

Let us be clear, the PIECE Studio does not advocate or support violent acts.

Violence is not the answer whatever socioeconomic group you come from, or political party you belong to, your religion or cultural identity.

We are witnessing white supremacist ideology and hate being weaponized and used as a catalyst to divide society, and in this society many politicians shamelessly hide and do not speak out.

The election will determine what the future will be for America. Collectively, what will the country decide it will become, where it will go and what its future will be.

We have to stand up for what we hold dear and democracy affords us all the ability to speak openly and with conviction and design is a tool to be leveraged with passion.

The posters represent the stark differences between both candidates. One to move the country forward and the other to force the country into darkness. The typography gives a gentle nod to newspaper headlines, and playbills.

“Future Ages Will Wonder At Us. The Present Age Wonders At Us Now.” Pericles