Hero Blitz 2006

About this project

PIECE Studio was awarded a SAPPI Fine Papers Ideas That Matter Award. This was the second SAPPI Ideas That Matter award that PIECE Studio had won. The PIECE Studio team partnered with the Center for Design Practice (MICA). PIECE Studio travelled to Greensboro, Alabama to work with Pam Dorr at HERO located in Greensboro, Hale County, AL.

PIECE Studio interviewed everyone associated with HERO and we invited John Bielenberg to lead the PIECE Studio team in a three-day Think Wrong exercise that culminated in a 24 hour Design Blitz. PIECE Studio had 24 hours to develop and implement a community campaign with only the tools and materials we had available.

The result was PIECE Studio created an identifier that represented a house that also represented a home. This pictographic stenciled symbol was an expression of the community needs as well as supporting HERO’s primary mission-to provide affordable housing.

PIECE Studio cut a stencil from card we found in the HERO office that we were using as a studio. The stencil was then used to apply the symbol onto a series of card-stock posters with spray paint. The posters were then delivered throughout the community late that night and early on the next day.

The Think Wrong creative exercise and the Design Blitz were instrumental in PIECE Studio‘s final design strategy for the SAPPI/HERO project.