Hero Blitz

About this project

Piece Studio was awarded a SAPPI Fine Papers Ideas That Matter grant. We assembled a project team and partnered with the Center for Design Practice (MICA) and flew down to Alabama to work with Pam Dorr at HERO in Greensboro, Hale County, AL. We used the to interview everyone associated with HERO and we were fortunate to have John Bielenberg lead us in a Thinking Wrong exercise and then develop a 24 hour Design Blitz based on the Thinking Wrong creative process. We had 24 hours to develop a campaign and then implement that campaign in the community with the tools and materials we had available.

The result was the creation of an identifier that represented the needs of the community and expressed the mission of HERO. We cut a stencil of the identifier and then sprayed a series of posters throughout the night and then delivered some of them late at night and the remainder early the next day.

The Thinking Wrong creative exercise and the Design Blitz were instrumental in PIECE Studio’s final design strategy for the SAPPI/HERO project.