Hello Exhibition 2012

Designers are a special breed of thinkers. PIECE Studio engages in discussions and helps to define solutions to the problems faced by society.

About this project

PIECE Studio was invited to display projects at the HELLO exhibition that celebrated artists and designers who used their skills to make the world a better place for everyone.

The exhibition is sponsored, devised and held at the University of South Dakota

PIECE Studio was invited to speak at the exhibition opening where we shared our mission, believes and talked about the work.

Hello News


  1. SOSHALL I DESIGN: A die-cut interactive poster that calls for individuals to tear-off a card, a pledge to create a social justice project. They were then asked to document the project and share with PIECE Studio
  2. Large Didactic Typographic Poster of the PIECE Studio mission
  3. Working up to the Slaughterhouse publication of poems written by Bunco
  4. HERO SAPPI Project Compilation Poster from the SAPPI Ideas that Matter Award
  5. Unsung Heroes Poster: Celebrates East Baltimore Community Leaders. Printed by GLOBE Printers, Baltimore
  6. Solid Gold Poster: Designed by GLOBE Printers, Baltimore
  7. OPEN MIND FIELD promotional poster for social inclusion exhibition, Dubai, UAE