COVID-19 Brand Study 2020

At all times you can trust our products and our services. We are trusted and you trust us.

About this project

PIECE Studio developed a brand for COVID-19 that included the creation of a primary, secondary and tertuary identifiers. A tagline was also created as well as a series of product and service lines that was put together in a COVID-19 Brand Style Guide that was distributed to designers, city offices and local governments.

The idea of PIECE Studio developing a brand study for COVID-19 stems from the idea that COVID-19 has and will be part of our lives for a very long time, and also that COVID-19 is everywhere, and behaves as it pleases. It functions at operates as if it is a multinational corporation whose tentacles spread into all areas of our lives.

This multi-national corporation includes: Shipping, Communication, Care, Aviation, Transportation, Media, Outreach, and Government.

COVID-19 is a multi-faceted national and international corporation. COVID-19 is transnational and transformational. Since its inception, COVID-19 has been and continues to be at the forefront of behavior change making the world a better place for mankind. COVID-19 is committed to an underlying philosophy that we are everywhere for you.

COVID-19 works to assist humanity through shipping, care, aviation transportation, media, aviation, food, outreach, agriculture, and government. We express these ideals through aviate, benevolence, ship, communicate, agrigate, network, transport, care, protect, and fuel. We deal in the perceptive reality and spread information everywhere. COVID-19 puts people first. We are committed to keeping the world safe by spreading our message and ensuring that COVID-19 is everywhere.

At all times you can trust our products and our services. We are trusted and you trust us.

COVID-19 is everywhere for you.