Community Guide: Baltimore Region Environmental Justice and Transportation Project 2007

About this project

PIECE Studio was commissioned by the The Baltimore Region Environmental Justice and Transportation Project (BREJT) to produce a design response that chronicled how Baltimore low income communities had been negatively impacted.

BREJT had been listening to low-income minority communities since 1995 and has been recording the negative impact that transportation has had on their environment and in their lives.

PIECE Studio‘s  primary objective was to develop a toolkit that encouraged Baltimore City and communities to work together to achieve environmentally sound solutions that would address community identified environmental problems.

BREJT’s research efforts focused on the concerns of local residents, transit dependant and community leaders in four Baltimore City communities: Kirk Ave., Cherry Hill, Highway–to-Nowhere, and Lexington Market. In these communities we found a common desire for a better living environment, a more responsive government, and the presence of blight and decay.