At This Table: Community Engagement and Activation

At This Table is a PIECE Studio project is a physical table and also community engagement tool

About this project

At This Table is a PIECE Studio project is a physical table and also community engagement tool. At This Table provides a platform to bring different community members together in a physical space that fosters empathy and understanding. PIECE Studio will engage in, and with, disenfranchised communities and invite a diverse group of community members to share stories.

DAY ONE: Participants will be welcomed and PIECE Studio facilitators will give presentations on design for social justice, community engagement and reasons and expectations for the At This Table project

DAY TWO: Participants will gather and be divided into equal and diverse groups. A PIECE Studio facilitator will accompany each group, give them a specific prompt, and lead them through a particular exercise. Each group will travel to different locations in the community and return to the table that evening.

Whilst the groups are traveling throughout the community and responding to their prompts, the remaining PIECE Studio team will be preparing the table for the evening presentations and working with a local farm-to-table restaurant who will prepare dinner.

When all the groups convene in the evening, at the table, each group, along with their PIECE Studio facilitator, will be given the opportunity to share the results of how they addressed their specific prompt and how that related to their community, whilst the remainder of the groups are seated around the table. PIECE Studio facilitators will be documenting each presentation and a 360º video camera will be recording conversations around the dinner table. Dinner will be served after the final presentation.

DAY THREE: All community groups gather at the table for breakfast and PIECE Studio will give an overview of  what was learning and experience in day one and two. This will be followed by a conversation, facilitated by PIECE Studio, about community needs, community expectations and short and long-term goals.