AIGA Chicago Co-Design Workshop 2011

Bernard J Canniffe, famous for his work on Project M and PIECE Studio, started off the day by asking the designers to “think differently.”


About this project

PIECE Studio was invited by AIGA Chicago to run a community-based participatory workshop.

PIECE Studio is dedicated to using design as a catalyst to make the world a better place for everyone and to serve the underserved and engage in and with disenfranchised communities. The first day of the Co-Design event was designed to help the participants escape their comfort zone and learn the importance of including their values within a collaborative design process.

PIECE Studio argued that the education that students experience in design school has taught them not to value people, and is a flawed process that doesn’t explore the full potential we all have as designers.

PIECE Studio‘s workshop engaged participants to rethink what the design process actually is and how outcomes need to be put aside from the beginning.  A poster isn’t the answer. A poster can create awareness but it doesn’t solve the root problem.