AIGA Baltimore Workshop

“Design for the community will be one of the most important things in the future.”

About this project

PIECE Studio believes in the importance of working in and with communities and it is through community engagement that we can understand and value each other. PIECE Studio also believes in the power that immersive and cultural community-based workshops have on both participants and community.

The three-day PIECE Studio workshop took place in a West Baltimore Community Center and participants went through a series of exercises in the first day that gave an introduction to create empathy, what it is like to be vulnerable and how to gain trust and earn respect. This was followed by a series of more complex exercises where participants were introduced on how to engage actual communities and use design as a catalyst for positive change and at the same time give the community a voice and a platform to share ideas and improve their community.

On the final day of the workshop the participants implemented their community project.

This workshop was supported by the AIGA Baltimore chapter

Putting “Community” into Design