PIECE Studio was founded by  Bernard J Canniffe , Mike Weikert, and Oliver Munday in Baltimore, MD in 2006.

PIECE Studio is a socially-based collaborative design studio who is committed to using design for good. We engage in and with communities, organizations, activists, governments and municipalities and have run projects and workshops that promote social justice and community empowerment internationally. We dedicate our lives to helping the underserved and use our skills to make the world a better place for everyone.

PIECE Studio is now run, owned and operated by Bernard J. Canniffe, and he has developed projects, ran workshops and given presentations in Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, India, Portugal, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Holland, Spain, and many towns and cities in the United States.

Many of these projects, workshops and presentations celebrate PIECE Studio and how design can become  a catalyst for change. Bernard J Canniffe has given numerous keynote addresses and presented PIECE Studio at medical, design, and academic conferences around the world.






Education and Funding


Joseph Binder Award